Aelana Cordovera: ancient and mediaeval bookbinding techniques

A display of books from various traditions:
Nag Hammadi; Coptic; Anglo-Saxon; Romanesque; Gothic; and limp parchment bindings.

Significant features of the Anglo-Saxon book are the square-tabbed spine, bookmark, and ring closure.

Boards drilled for binding the Coptic book.

Sewing the Anglo Saxon book, before the use of sewing frames, which were developed in the Twelfth Century.

Internal stucture and cover for the Gothic book.


The Great Book of An Tir, 40th year version.
The story of the bookbinding of the Great Book of An Tir can be found on Alienor's page at (link to the site).

Book display, inclusing embroidered book bag, Magdalene Saint's life, Gothic, and long-stitch soft cover bindings.


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