Aelana Cordovera: Contemporary Icons Painted in the Ancient Tradition

display of icons of SCA saints Geoffrey MacLean and Roger Ciaran Moonhawk
©Aelana Cordovera 2009
photo courtesy John MacAndrew
Geoffrey MacLean`s wiki page is here
Roger`s memorial page, maintained by Cerridwen, is here

Geoffrey and Roger's untimely deaths inspired me to translate the icon tradition in to a creatively anachronistic way of honouring two her-saints in our Society. This Arts & Sciences display in 2008 memorialized their life in the SCA.

Lasairiona inghean Uilliam na Seoltadh
memorial web page here

Gerhard Kendal, founding Baron of Lions Gate,
memorialized as a local saint of the North in the manner of St. Edmund
Gerhard's memorial page


traditional style icon of St. Nicholas,
perhaps the most well known saint in our modern secular world

©Aelana Cordovera 2009

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