Aelana Cordovera: tapestry, opus anglicanum, and fiber arts

Lions Gate Arts and Sciences display 2007, with tapestry weaving.

Detail of tapestry worked in the Coptic style from the 6th Century.

This was my first effort to make an embroidered book cover in the Opus Anglican style, 1992.

Book bag, Opus Anglicanum. Teaching Mary Magdalene to read,
based on a work "Saint Anne teaching the Virgin Mary to Read" from the Fourteenth Century.

These works are part of a long banner, using the women named in the Bible as significant in Jesus' ancestry. These women all perfomed heroic deeds, sometimes outside their traditional roles, to preserve the genealogy as described in the Old Testament.

Holy Family

Bathsheba and David

Ruth and Naomi

Rahab and her family


Elizabethan book bag

embroidered Elizabethan book cover


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